Conditions of Sale and Delivery

All deliveries are to be made to the kerbside at the address stated. If for the convenience of the customer, his agent or sub-contractor, the vehicle crosses the kerb line and damage or injury is caused to property or person, this shall be the responsibility of the customer, his agent or sub-contractor. This condition includes the use of the vehicle and negligence or wrongdoing by the driver at the customer’s, his agent’s or sub-contractors request.

The quantity of concrete designated on this docket will be the invoice quantity. By signing the front of the docket, the customer acknowledges receipt of the quantity on the docket. The company retains ownership of the product, until paid in full.

The company will not take responsibility for defects in concrete which are due to the faulty handling, placing or curing of the concrete. Claims will not be accepted unless received in writing no later than two weeks after the date of pouring the concrete. In the event of orders placed for concrete being cancelled, the customer is responsible for payment of all costs incurred by the company up to the time of cancellation. The company’s assessment of these costs is final.

The company endeavours to meet delivery times, nonetheless, the company takes no responsibility for costs incurred as a result of delivery delays.

  1. Wet concrete can be harmful to skin and eyes. Avoid contact by using proper clothing or personal equipment which complies with Australian Standards. Wash exposed skin areas thoroughly with cool water for ten minutes.
  2. Silica dust may be released when working with quarry and or concrete products including cutting, drilling, sawing, routing, breaking or grinding the aforementioned products. Repeated or continuous long term exposure my lead to lung disease. Always use adequate dust prevention and extraction methods and wear protective clothing and dust masks that conform to Australian Standards.